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Logistics Software Solutions to optimize your work processes

Automate material handling processes and reduce costs

Logistics Software applications are one of the main components to automate and optimize material handling processes and logistic flows. Storage management, material flow and transport technique, data base applications are implemented in state of the art software. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) Cargo Professional and other software applications provide a mix of standard software modules for various degrees of automation in material handling systems.

Logistics Software expertise from LogIT GmbH

Experience, practical knowledge and competent handling are guaranteed by specialists in data and information processing. For the past 20 years LogIT GmbH (the Software House of Lödige Industries Group) has designed and implemented a broad range of logistics software solutions implemented in a variety of industries worldwide.

Lodige Enterprise Suite 4.0/Air Cargo

Air Cargo Business requires flexible solutions and Lodige Enterprise Suite 4.0/Air Cargo is a perfect response. This logistics software solution enables handling and managing air cargo facilities in an optimal and cost efficient way. It can successfully manage and control all the processes that deal with handling of air freight at airports.  

Logistics Software Solutions | Lodige Enterprise Suite 4.0/Air Cargo


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