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Special Machines to support your manufacturing operations

Bespoke Technology for Specialised Processes

Looking for a solution that plant and machine manufacturers do not provide ready-made? Then the special machines division of Lödige is the perfect partner for you.

We analyse your requirements and design conveyor systems that will effectively support your working processes and material flows.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will find the right solution for you!

Our Special Machines portfolio at a glance:

  • Conveyor Systems for Waste Management
  • Can Traversing Units (CTU) for Manufacturing Chemical Fibres
  • 360° Tilt Mechanism for Organic Waste Containers
  • Conveyor System for Transporting Goods onto Passenger Ships
  • Working Platforms for Aircraft Wing Production
  • Working Platforms for Painting Aircraft Tail Fins
  • Working Platforms for Painting Aircraft
  • Working Platforms for Aircraft Fuselage Assembly
  • Automatic Radioactive Waste Handling System

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